ok it's 5 o'clock

its f**ckin hot outside.

I've pretty much learned all the songs i've wanted out of the top 100 rated tabs and songs i like.

Mention some songs that you like to play so i can add a new 1 to my collection .

(like the sounds of Bush,Spiha,End of You, The Pixies, Just in general that Dark Gothy feeling)

(and don't tell me to go write my own i'm not in the mood ..... :-P )

Any suggestions????
Dark gothy?
Cradle of filth if you're into metal, Nymphetamine will get you started.
Some HIM maybe. Funeral of Hearts, Wings of a butterfly, and love said no. Check out the whole Love Metal album, you'll like it.
good suggestions but i already play him stuff pretty much (End of you , Spiha)

I ended up looking up some Puddle of Mudd & Killers

lotsa chord changes just howz i like it !!!!
Learn some muse, that's always fun.
Orrrrr.... smashing pumpkins a bit more alternative, not hard but they have a few songs which are fun to play.
Otherwise go for the brootalz and just learn parkway drive or something.
why don't you go ape**** and play some random crappy sirrupy sweet, kick you in the nuts JPop crap......

(just kidding:P)