hi i was wondering how hard it would be to replicate the pickguard in the picture below using diamond plate aluminum and would i be able to paint the aluminum black
and f.y.i i did try searching this up on google but i couldn't find anything
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Best thing to do, find one of them in a store or from a friend, ask if they could take it off the guitar for you, if needed. then just trace it onto some A3 paper- A4 isn't big enough for a strat pickguard.

I have a SSS traced atm that I could scan in and send you, if you print it at the right scale it should be fine.

As long as you have a drill and a saw/something strong enough to make all the holes then you'll be fine.

If you're wanting the angled-edge on most pickguards, that will be difficult. I'm going to make myself another pickguard (hence me having the template) out of 4mm wood. A regular pickguard is 3mm.

EDIT: My scanner is only A4 size, so I can't scan in the template. I also kind of ripped it when I was cutting it down to see if my scanbed was slightly bigger than A4.
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For cutting aluminum, you'd be better if you had a watersaw, or a CNC to cut. You could do it with a Dremel or a very strong hacksaw, but you would need a lot of dressing to make it useable.

Alternatively, there are sites on the internet that sell custom pickguards in almost any material.

EDIT: Good timing Jim.
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I made a teardrop acoustic guard out of the stuff once. Was a pain in the tits.

If you dcide not to paint it, you'll need to at least lacquer it. Aluminum turns your skin black.
TS do you have a plasmacutter,Waterjet (Hey some kid around here has a vacumform it dosn't suprize me what tools guys have) or a metal cutting bandsaw those would be optimal cutting tools if not find a good jigsaw with a metal cuttingblade or even a copingsaw with a metal cutting blade.If you want the bevel on it use a file it would be eaiest. For the black paint find someone that powder coats in your area that will make a bullet proof finish. Or get some krylon metal paint and do it the cheap way.

Oh and if you do cut out your own remember there is no safer tip for me to give than wear your safety glasses.
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This is one of the very, very rare times when I will say this:
don't try to build one, just order one online. As Brock said there are several companies that will make you a custom guard out of aluminum if you send them a tracing.
I have a question too, Would it be better to paint on the front of a white pickguard or the back of a clear pickguard?
Do you think it would be better to paint it directly on the back of the guard or paint it on like paper (example) and just put it under it?
Idk. Either way you'll get a unique effect because the thickness of the guard and the graphic being under it.

Kinda like a second-surface mirror, but more dramatic. And not a mirror. Idk if you get what I mean...