I'm looking at a used model on a local buy and sell website and the excerpt is below if you care to read. Anyways, I'm looking to play hard rock, indie, alternative kind of music. I'll be running it through a cheap Squier, for now. Just wondering if this is worth the $150 pricetag, or if it's too outdated for my money. Thanks.

"This is the best amp for your money if you're a pedal person. 100 watts of power into a 4 or 8 ohm cab or into two 8 or 16 ohm cabs. The sound is pure clean with no colouration. Normal EQ knobs with a pull option on the volume for fat and treble for bright. Also has a parametric EQ for that extra bit of tweaking. Finally, the reverb. Nothing digital about this.Tank is located on the bottom, just under the speaker. The speaker itself is a Jordan loudspeaker, 4 ohms and 160 watts so you can crank the ever loving sh*t out of it all you want.

Want to use it for bass? No problem. Plug in that bass cab to one of the outs, up the treble and bass and let er rip. Unpowered PA cab? Plug it in and let your vocalist be heard. It really is an amp that's just great for everything. Bring over whatever you normally play and try it out on my 4X12. It's good for whatever you want to put through it. MIGHT trade it for a 2X12 cab, it just depends on if I sell my 4X12 or not."
The quote is pretty accurate. Great cleans, useful parametric EQ, and big power. I've owned the 212 combo version of this amp for about 10 years. I've always used pedals for distorted sounds however, as the gain channel wasn't great in my opinion.

For $150, this will do you well. Just don't expect a great crunch sound without pedals.