Hey guys, recorded a new sorta riff, I figure it will be the outro to a song but I'm still working on the rest, writing a song backwards is actually kinda difficult lol.
please give her a look its on my pro, and C for C of course .

Cheers guys!
It was cool but whats with the random harmonics? O.o
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what random harmonics?

Edit: ok i kinda see what you mean but they arent random, i chose i to put them there, and they are either octaves of 3rds or the rhythm line.
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I thought it was very impressive. But *some* of those harmonics don't really sound like they belong there at all, sometimes it worked, sometimes in my opinion it didn't. That little melody was really cool though, I'd like to hear that developed! The texture was nice and full, maybe a bit of percussion would be good at some stage (are you planning on recording/putting up the whole piece) - but overall it was quite a unique listen. Bravo.

Could you take a look at this for me?
cheers guys, this is a demo and will be develped to a full song with drums and bass and anything else i think fits, i'll work on those harmonics. and give your song a look grimp .
I think it's pretty cool. The rhythm part was good, and so was the lead, but honestly there were a little too many pinch harmonics. Keep some there just get rid of a lot of them. Otherwise I think this could be a cool intro or outro, so good luck in writing the rest.

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