Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking for some advice.

I've had my Fender Squire Strat for about 11 years. It was my frist guitar and it's kind of my baby, but at the same time it seems like a definite beginner guitar and obviously after playing for 11 years I'm not really a beginner anymore.

The only real problem that I have with it is the pickup selector switch; any time I try to use the bridge pickup, the sound cuts out and doesn't come back on until I jiggle the switch. This is problematic, especially if I want to switch pickups mid-song. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy fix? Or is it just time to upgrade to something new and shiny? I've never done any work on my guitars aside from cleaning, string changing, and bridge adjustment. Can anyone recommend a good all-around guitar maintenance site?

I'm thinking I should take it into a guitar shop and have someone assess the damage in person, but I thought I'd do some preliminary advice-seeking. Any thoughts are appreciated!
I'm going to be honest... Just ditch it man! It's an old guitar! i have alot of old guitars, but the only one i won't get rid of is my fender strat... I'm getting a schecter soon, but theres no way i'm getting rid of me strat... I love it :L do what you think is best though...

Kidsan (:
11 years, i am in awe.

i say you indulge in a nice rewarding upgrade.

but keep this guitar for the nostalgia.
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I'd personally get a nice new guitar, especially after 11 years. If you really want to keep it, you can probably fix this yourself. It sounds like the cable is slightly loose. Just remove the schratschplate and check the solder on all the wires
I"d keep it for sentimental value and fix it up myself

it sounds like a bad connection which could be fixed by just re-soldering one wire or as complicated as replacing the switch which really isn't that hard, just annoying due to the surplus of wires attached to it
in all repairs wouldn't be more than $30 either diy or done pro
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If you're able to solder at all, all you'd have to do is buy a new pickup selector switch (less than $10) and install that. Another alternative would be to buy a pre-wired pickguard. You might wanna do that because the pickups and the electronics (volume and tone pots, etc) aren't the best quality on Squiers. Depending on what pickups are included, these would go for around $100-250. Check out stewmac.com, guitarfetish.com, or musiciansfriend.com. If you're really scared of soldering, you COULD go to a guitar shop, but I'm willing to bet they'd overcharge you. If you're not worried about paying some extra money and you just want it fixed, then go ahead and do that.
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