Is this a cost effective way to buy strings? It seems as if only one or two brands sell strings in bulk, so i'm trying to find the best deal. Thoughts?
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Well alot of them are selling them in set's of 3's now
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I typically use D' Addario's anyways so it works great for me.
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Wait until Musician's Friend or some other retailer has a really good deal on accessories and order more sets of strings than you can count. It'll last you for years, and be WAY cheaper.
My last bulk buy was a Box of Ten sets of strings (D' Addario EXL110s) and they came with a Planet Waves tuner included. In all cost me less than $50.00 CAD. So if you're set in the guage and make of strings you use, I'd highly recommend buying a box set.
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I typically use D' Addario's anyways so it works great for me.

i buy them in sets of 3 cause my local place gives a discount for 3 or more, the only problem is when you change gauge or something and you don't like it
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dude, anythinng u buy in bulk will always be cheaper
i usually buy the 10 packs of ernie ball strings its cheaper then buying them every time i need them, and it saves me trips to stores
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