Hey guys, i could use some help.. a couple of months ago, i became very hooked by the looks of the fender jag, and still dont know if i want the HH version or the SS version.. :S .. my reason for wanting this guitar is also that both coldplay and nirvana used this (2 big inspirations) , but coldplay (Johnny Buckland) use single coils, and kurt cobain used humbuckers... and generally i'm more in the gibson camp, so i have been leaning towards the humbuckers, but what do you guys think? .. I wanna say, that i already have 2 gibson les pauls, with humbuckers, so should i go for a bit of variety instead?... On a side-note, i'm definately gonna remove the tremolo bridge and replace it with a stop-tailspiece and tune'o'matic bridge... no doubt..
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if you have the 2 lps with hummers then for the singles for the variety.

I'm also pretty sure cobain used a mustang not a jag
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thanx and yea your probably right... and btw, kurt cobain did use a jag at some point.. but yes he also used mustangs.. and also strats..
cool - the 'stang is the one i remember from the smells like video, but i bow to your superior nirvana knowledge

my mate has a jag bass - tis niiice

edit: what amp you running?
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
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Don't forget the infamous Jagstang, obviously he enjoyed both .

I would go for Single coils.
EDIT: ^ +1 P90 in the neck, humbucker in the bridge
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Compare them in person, That's my best advice. Don't forget about the trem bar, If it it doesn't have a locking system I would reconsider it.

Oh and Kurt played a lot of guitars. He did prefer Mustangs but there are tons of pictures and videos of him playing his Jaguar among many others, Univox Hi Flyers in particular. Those were his favorite guitars before he got a lefty mustang.

I could go on for a while about guitars Kurt played but won't...
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