I'm interested in knowing the quality control and general construction of the Gibson Explorer considering it's in the same price range as the Les Paul Studio, which is pretty infamous for it's poor QC (frets popping out etc).

For those that have played the instrument, what is the neck profile like, compared to an Ibanez or ESP and how do the pickups hold up. Sadly no store in my vicinity has them in stock, so if I ever decide to purchase one I'd have to import, meaning I can't test it out before I buy it.
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I'm interested in knowing the quality control and general construction of the Gibson Explorer

Name pretty much says it all...


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I would have to say its the quality of the SG standards.

Edit: and you gotta remember the SG standards i would have to say are on par with the Les Paul standards so there ya go
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Every single one ive played 21 in total have played and sounded really awesome with the exception of one which was only bad because of the shop having idiots in it.

My 2cents but hope it helps
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Its just my opinion but I think that mahogany explorers just do not sound all that good. I've only played a few but I've just never been a huge fan. I do however, like the korina Explorers though.
I own one. I beat it around. I gig with it.

Seriously, it is my favorite guitar. It plays very nicely, and sounds brilliant with a slight OD or serious hardass OD.

And no, i'm not a noob.
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Gibson's QC is fine for Standard models and higher, it'll be fine on the Explorer.
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Worst I've heard about Gibson QC lies in the Les Paul line, so I'm not sure about the Explorer, but if I get one it's gonna be an old model from the 80's or 90's (and I WANT one xD)
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