I really want to do this on my Jackson DKMG, as I love everything about it, except my Licensed Floyd. It has too much resistance, and an odd construction in relation to most Floyds. I heard that the cavity of a licensed Floyd is too small though to install an Original, so how would I go about being able to put an Original in? I wouldn't have to do it myself, as I have no knowledge on ANYTHING related to GB&C, but my guitar teacher builds his own guitars from scratch and could probably help me.

Side note: I also might switch my pickups out for passives, as I heard I'll get a warmer tone through my alder body with passives vs. actives. How would I do that (basic rundown).
You could get a floyd rose pro. Original floyd rose put lower profile (same design as the jackson licensed one)

that's what i want to do with my DKMG
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for the bridge, just get someone who knows how to use a router, your teacher should know

for the pups, basic soldering skills and instructions on which wire goes where, again your teacher could help you out but it's easy enough to learn by just trial and error
and look into Dimarzio for high output passive pickups
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