Basically, I want to know what I need to do and what equipment I'll need to be able to do it in order to record video directly into iMovie from a digital camera and have the audio recorded from an external mic and synched to the video from the camera.

So, my problem is, I want to do some videos of me playing the guitar, make them in iMovie (i have a Macbook) and upload them to Youtube. At the moment, I can record audio and video straight from the iSight and internal mic, but the video and audio quality is pooor.

What I intend to do is to record my audio with an Sm57 and a cheap USB mic preamp (MI Audio Buddy?) and then record my video through my digital camera. I currently don't own any of the above equipment, excluding the digital camera. Unfortunately, after a little bit of research, I've discovered that in order to be able to record video directly from camera to iMovie, I'll need to have a camera that has a FireWire cable. Is this correct, can anyone confirm this for me before I go and shell out for a camera I don't otherwise need, or is it possible to record directly into iMovie with my current camera, a Samsung P1000?

Secondly: the audio. Am I correct in thinking that if I mic my amp with the SM57, connect that to the Audio Buddy and plug that into one of my USB ports, iMovie will then recognise it as my new mic and take the audio signal from there, opposed to the audio from the built in mic or from my camera (presuming I am able to set it up so I can record directly into iMovie from my camera)? Also, is it possible to mix the audio signals, so my final audio is taken both from the SM57 micing the amp, and the camera itself so my voice will be picked up? I've seen people on Youtube who are talking normally and the sound being picked up from their camera, but they also have their amp miced at the same time.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the legnghly post... I wanted to give you guys a full summary of my situation
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I'm not sure if imovie will allow you to use both mics at once, but something like logic/garageband should. My g4 powermac has no problem picking up my mic and my usb interface at once so your macbook should do just fine. If you had logic you could record your audio with that and just sync the audio to the video.
And yes I do believe that you need the firewire to record directly to disk.
Hope that helps at all.
yes you need a camera with a firewire

imovie, as far as i know won't record both the audio and the feed from your camera at the same time

what i would do is record your amp with the mic in your computer and record the video with the camera to a DV tape then you can import it all into imovie and sync it all up and cut it up as necessary
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Thanks for the replies guys, one more thing, does anyone know if iMovie '08 will support a HD camera? As i'm making the upgrade, I was going to get a HD video camera with firewire connection for my video source, but am unsure if iMovie '08 will support this? Sorry for my ignorance in this area, I am a complete novice haha :P
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^^Actually, forget that, just seen the prices of HD cameras with firewire connections!!
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Nothing compliments a Gibson Les Paul Custom quite like a Fender Frontman 15R