Hi my name is Rob and I am 15 (almost 16) years old. I love music, and play guitar. I want to study music after high school and I am a little confused..
I play various styles such as rock, blues, metal, jazz, classical, funk, and a little country. I have some experience playing live.
I am proficient in some basic music theory (around RCM Grade 2 Rudiments), and am still learning of course.
I have an understanding of basic scales (blues, pentatonic, major, and all 3 minor)
I am currently taking 1 hr/week private lessons.
I am comfortable reading music and am decent at sightreading
I live in AB, Canada, and would prefer the school to be somewhere close, but anywhere in Canada will do.

sorry to blab on about my life story haha but i would REALLY appreciate ANY Canadian music school experiences. If someone knows of any program i would maybe fit into PLEASE do not hesitate to say so. Thank you so much, i would really be grateful for some advice to further my passion for music!
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Jazz at Humber College in Ontario.
Killer instructors/studio/library its great.