Not bad at all. Your voice sounds a little weak at the ends of the lines but that should improve with practice (and confidence). You have a better voice than I do my friend.
Sounds great!

Singing is good, harmonies are very well done.
Percussion and instruments blend in nicely, and the mix is well balanced.
Very hard to fault!

I'd love to see it expanded to a full length song.
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you should make this into a full length song if you werent planning to already. i like waiting around better than the other two, probably in part because of the vocal harmony. you did a really good job with that. other than that i like the guitar piece of it too, especially the bit at the end and the whole thing is mixed really well. good work
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dude that sounded really cool, it gave me an iron and wine kinda vibe which i love, great job look forward to hearing it in a full song context
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Really like the vocal harmonies. Singing is good, guitar is good. If it was a full song then I could crit a little more in depth, right now there's not really much I can say. So good luck writing it man.

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