I've got (in this order), boss tuner, ernie ball volume swell pedal, vox wah, mxr compressor, ts9 keeley tube screamer, into my mesa. should i even consider building one? is it even necessary with my set up? if not, i figured it would be a fun thing to do considering it doesnt get very expensive. a site said they spent like 30 bucks on it. wat do you guys think?
Do you mean a stompbox that will bypass the whole set, or a unit that has a separate bypass for each of your effects? You could built a single true-bypass unit for $30. To build a bypass with switches for 4 different effects would probably cost at least $65.
Actually, a bypass strip can get pretty expensive. That's 60 bucks just for the switches you'll need (if you use 3PDT for an LED indicator for each loop). Last I checked, anyway.

If you can do without LEDs and shop around, you can prolly get it fdone pretty cheap.
That depends on your pedals. Are any of them true-bypass already?

My price estimate was based on 3PDTs at $10 each, neutrik jacks at $0.75 each, enclosure for around $15. LED, resistor, bezel, will add about $1.50-$2 for each LED, you also need a 9v plug or battery snap at ~$1. If you go to the effort of making one, put LEDs in it. You don't want to be gigging and forget what is on and what is off. That sucks.