So, I just got a partial capo... used to cover either ADG or DGB to make wierd open tunings (A something and E something) Anyways, I've been messing around with it, using open chords and improvizing. It's pretty fun, but I wanna know if there are any real songs written with this type of tuning. I put the capo on ADG at the second fret to make EBEABE... any songs in that tuning. It sounds really nice so I'd expect there'd be some songs.
I never have difficulty 'performing' it right away with whistles, hums, 'grunts' and percussion.
Well with the partial capo, you're still in standard tuning. It's not an open tuning, it's just blocking the lower frets.
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DUH! I'm completely aware of that, and none-the-less... when strummed the notes EBEABE ring.... which is an open E something. That post didn't help with anything at all.... lets get some productive posts. Any songs in that tuning? It's like DADGAD but down a step...

edit: It's like putting a capo on second fret, but not fretting the low E... it just makes it like drop D tuning, but without having to retune.
I never have difficulty 'performing' it right away with whistles, hums, 'grunts' and percussion.
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that the same intervals between notes as the tuning DADGAD, just one tone higher.

so when openly strummed, that's pretty much the tuning DADGAD, but two frets higher.

hope that helps.
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