I'd rather do a local deal since I can't find any boxes in my area that can fit a guitar. I had to use an oversized one to ship a Les Paul, the dimensions and the heavy LP made it pretty expensive to ship. I'd do a trade as long as you're comfortable with shipping first so I can use the same box to ship it back.

Anyway, onto the guitar. I got it through trade with a missing saddle; I painted a saddle from an American Fender Strat black, so it doesn't stick out too bad.

It's in good condition, it has the only stock Ibanez pickups I like; I got a really good Tony Iommi-like distortion with a tube amp I tried out at Guitar Center. It sounds pretty good distorted on my solid state, a little noisy on clean, but I'll chalk that up to the setup.

Speaking of my solid state, I'm looking to sell my Peavey Studio Pro 112, PM for details.

I get very tense around apples...Well, I get very tense generally. I think I've fallen into the trap of blaming fruit.


Peavey Studio Pro 112 for sale. Anyone want it?