will you get a chance to play either of them before buying? sound and feel preference are important, but also very personal. your height, length of your arms, natural sitting position and even weight are just a few of the many things that can affect guitar preferences when it comes to comfort in playing a guitar.

i preferred the seagull to the stripped-down martin - i liked the sound but i also preferred the feel of the finish. the martin 00X1 java felt grainy and unpleasant to me (and i tried a couple) where the seagull didn't. on the other hand, i prefer the seagull original s6 to the coastline version. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-The-Original-S6-Acoustic-Guitar-104069091-i1147556.gc i suspect the main difference is just the burst finish, as the woods are the same.

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Im getting my new Acoustic tommorrow from my Parents as a graduation gift from High School. Price range is around $500 dollars...

Here's what im looking at -

Martin 00X1

Seagul Coastline S6

reviews on either please?
Yes, I'm going to Guitar Center tomorrow and will play both and probably many more of the similar price range... I should be happy with what ever i get because im coming from a cheap Fender that has a high action (even set up correctly), is tough to play and sounds like it's price...

But with the post, i'm using it to try to male a decision that i will be happy with for more than a couple months

What about this Ovation

or this

Martin DX1
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as far as i can tell, the ovation has a laminate top - that's going to happen whenver you buy a cheaper acoustic with electronics. after all, electronics cost money. and honestly, the sound and feel of ovations are a lot unlike other guitars as is the thin neck, which i find very unpleasant. the only ovations that sound like high quality instruments to me are the higher end ones like the custom legend, and - remember, this is my personal take - the only one with a neck that i like is the al di meola version of the custom legend.

as far as the martin, i know martins are considered legendary instuments but this isn't one of the legends. they cost more - thousands, actually - because they have have all solid tops, carefully selected woods and many hours go into their construction.

i've found the seagulls to sound and feel better than the low end martins. also depending on the sound and style you prefer, you may like the taylor big baby, which is equivalent to the martins you've specified. try the waldens and higher end alvarez regents, although i found the regent necks hurt my hand after playing for a while. and that yamaha i mentioned is nice - just be sure not to check out the yamaha 300 series (laminate) - stick with the 700s.

one last suggestion - the epiphone masterbilts. these are unlike the other epiphones as they are not low-end gibson copies. while i've found a lack of consistency in the line, they're a good option as they have solid tops and some like this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Masterbilt-AJ-500M-Advanced-Jumbo-Acoustic-Guitar-519028-i1321998.gc are all solid wood for your price. just check below the bridge for any bulging - i've seen this one a few. the bottom line is in many ways, the all-solid masterbilts are the best bang for your buck.

two other things - i've heard LOTS of guitar center employees mislead people into thinking guitars are all solid or have solid tops when they don't. and guitar center has a 30 day return/exchange policy. if you don't end up loving the guitar you buy, they'll take it back and let you get another.

have fun! try before you buy and pay attention to how each guitar feels and you'll find the right axe for you