hello everybody
i need help with my fender jaguar bass. i have heard a million times that they have shielding problems, but never experianced anyting. then today it has been cracking and humming and everything, and when i put the bass into active mode it gets terrible and is not playable its so loud. i love this bass and it does whatever i want but i cant stand this what sould i do?
no i havent opened it yet, i am a bit tentative to do so because i lack experiance in wiring and dont want to mess anything up
Take it to a tech then. Don't ruin your bass by fiddling around with parts you've never touched before. It'll cost, but it's better than having someone repair and also fix it after you've fiddled with something.
I think the best of both worlds would be to take it to a tech who can show or explain to you what the issue was and how to fix it in the future. If you're not handy with tools and /or a soldering iron, things can go quite wrong in a very expensive way, very fast.