What do you reckon, which one's better?

Never mind what genres I am about to play, I just want to know which one have better quality, which one's better for gigs and which one's easier to play on. Also I want to know which stays in tune better and has better hardware, even including the knobs.
Stratocaster. Play anything on it, very well built too. Plus you won't get the same brand snobbery some people have if they see if you have an Epiphone (nothing wrong with Epiphone though, personally).
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Well, the guitar should fit you and your music style. To find out which is easier to play on go to a shop and try them. Also there's no "better for gigs". Use any guitar you prefer on gigs. Also, knobs are easy to replace, so it shouldn't matter that much which one has the better knobs.
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