like i have it now: bass->bass big muff->wah->amp


bass->wah->bass big muff->amp

my wah gets really loud and screechy when in the fore word position w/ my big muff

my gear:
sansamp liverpool
sansamp gt2
fender standard strat
squire vintage modified precision bass
laguna sunburst bass
acoustic b100
ehx bass big muff pi
Usually you put the wah before any distortion because distortion cuts out some of the upper and lower frequencies, thus when you use the wah you not getting as wide of a sweep, but Tom Morrello uses the wah on his guitar after the distortion so it all comes down to musical preference.
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I have a bass big muff w/ a weeping deamon and I run the wah after the fuzz.

Guitarists will say wah before distortion but when I tried that it baisically cutt the wah out completely. Fuzz before wah gives you a really synthy tone that I dig alot personally.
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