^ there is our myspace.

We have been playing together for about 3 years and we would like some unbiased opinions about our music.

Any responses are welcomed.

-Gary, Rocket 88
Hey man. I'm listening now. Taking it Easier and Trends are the ones I've heard.. the songs seem to be pretty well written. The songs are like.. well put together is how I'd word it I suppose. A lot of times, it seems like no time or effort is put into the music and all the work goes into lyrics or vice versa. I like that you guys seem to have incorporated tasteful musicianship and fitting vocals/lyrics. Anyway, to me the biggest thing that stands out is how good it is for your age group. That's pretty rare to have a group of guys under 18 that sound pretty damn solid. Usually a young band sounds like a horrible ****ing mess so definitely well done there. I don't dig this style of music so much, but even with that said, you guys have some pretty good recordings. I guess to totally judge you, I'd have to hear some live stuff too, but what you have sounds good.

My band is www.twototangoband.com (sig also). Check us out and add if you'd like.