Which do you prefer, pit? Traditional wooden pencils or modern mechanical pencils?

Discuss pros and cons.
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quill and ink
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Regular pencils. I always run out of lead for my mechanical ones right when I need it most, like before an exam.
Wood Pencils for drawing, Mechanical for everything else. But I write so dark that I break lead easily/ run out of lead quickly.
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Wooden, I have a habit of writing hard onto the paper so I usually break mechanical pencil leads a lot more than regular pencils.
I hate it when traditional pencils get dull and squeaky when I write. They make me have to push harder and try to write neater, causing more stress.
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I use pens. Not that weak ballpoint shit, either. REAL ink pens.
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mechanical, they're so much neater

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i feel like I write neater with a mechanical pencil.. but they're so annoying sometimes.. as long as I have like 5 cases of lead then i'll be fine with a mechanical pencil. Otherwise, get me a sharpener and wooden pencil it is
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Fine point black ink pens only.

Unless if I'm doing mathematics, then it's all out mechanical pencils 0.5 mm lead because I can't be arsed with thick font in my handwriting.

I am a machine when it comes to penmanship.
No soul, no flair, just naturally thin micro-arial font
Both serve me quite well. On the other hand, I write like a monkey with epilepsy when I write with pens.
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i like to use pens, but if i was using a pencil, it be wood
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quill and ink


I only write (lyrics and poetry) in a quill and ink.
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i use whatever i can find

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I've never used mechanical pencils in my entire life. Wooden pencils last forever and they never break.
Mechanical, for everything.
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PENS! not to be picky or anything...but does this count as a VS. thread?
wooden pencils.

I write in capital semi-box, semi-cursive letters.
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Pens. I only use pencil if I have to.
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I am for the regular #2 pencils.

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Mechanical pencils, and only the 0.5s that are made by BIC. All other forms of pencil fail.
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Mechanical. It's really hard to find a decent pencil sharpener, and even if you can, it's kinda disturbing to use in class. And I get the bics that are like $2 for ten of them, so losing or breaking them really isn't an issue.
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mechanical pencils.

refillable, renewable = good.

wooden pencils kill trees.
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