so in the world of random ****s which may or may not happen, i have found myself, to be the owner if the cheap version of zakk wylde's lespaul. its not a guitar i would buy if i had a choice, which u normaly do when buying a guitar, but i own it non the less. the story is erelevent. it happens to have the same pickups as my schecter, which is still my mfav, and it has a vary similar sound. if im no mistaken the LP sounds slighly brighter and more trebly. is this just my mind, or could it have somthing to do with the neck attachment (bolt on vs glued in) and or the type of wood in the body?
also, based on first impressions, my trusty old schecter is a considerably better guitar, which suprised me considering the LP is worth $$300 more. reasons i think its better are all the finish on the hardware is coroding, it feels sketchy, and the pup selector is going.
this leads me to my last point, has anyone else had trouble with epiphones have cheap parts no matter how much u pay for them?? especially the selecter swich? i no my friends LP chamileon has a swich thats shot to...
anyways knowledge of these guitars/similar guitar/ sound/ advice in replaceing the swich? thanx
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epis are terrible for thier price at least. especially the zakk wylde sig. My experience with a schecter damien 7 was mind blowing. The quality of thier guitars is top notch throughout the whole pricerange. Those parts are mostly cheap. Drop $150 or so replacing tuners/switch/pots and you're good.
The Epi Zakk Wylde isn't bad. Personally, I wouldnt buy it because of the EMGs, and when people see you with that ugly bulls-eye paint job, they automatically think "Zakk Wylde". But it plays pretty well. People hate on Epiphone way too much here, but they make some decent stuff for the price. The ones to avoid are the extremely low-end ones, like the Special-IIs.

The Schecter Omen I haven't had any experience with, sorry.
I do feel the Zack Wylde guitar is overpriced for what you get. That said, the actual bare bones of the guitar are nice, just nasty hardware and pups IMO. If you don't like it much though, just sell it on and buy something else. That's the beauty of playing guitar, someone will always want what you don't.
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You can get a new switch from places like Stewmac, warmoth, and guitarcenter. As long as you have experience with soldering, it is a direct replacement that should take a few minutes.

Also, can we please not let this thread degenerate into a 'Bash Epiphone' thread. It took a few minutes to deduce an actual reason for this thread underneath all of the "lulz mah schecter iz bettr than mah epi."
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I have the zakk wylde epi and a schecter also, they both play very well although the epi has a little bit of a thicker neck. Also the pickups on the zakk wylde are not as bad as everyone says, definitely not as good as active emg pickups but still good.
I have a Schecter and the ZW also... the ZW is great as long as you don't pay full price for it, because it's overpriced. The Schecter is a solid, reliable choice.

Both are good, but for the money, I say the Schecter.
I have the damien 6 also. Its a beast of a guitar, especially for the price. I use it over my Gibson V and Epi G400 custom all the time. The other 2 arent bad, they just cant keep up with the schecter.
The epi sigs are just slightly higher quality epi's with better pick-ups and some fancy looks.
The rest of the electronics are still crap though.Different woods and body sizes will affect the sounds pick-ups put out.
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Originally posted by Gunpowder:
Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
I have a Schecter 006 Zakk Wylde bullseye. I love Schecters, and I have always liked the bullseye design. Best of both worlds. Ill try and get pic of it. See what yall think.