I got this wah pedal a while ago (pw-10) for cheap and used and took it out of my pedal board after a while because I felt like it killed my tone and sucked out sound. Is it just me?

I currently have a dd-7 delay
ns-2 noise suppressor
ds-1 distortion
bf-3 flanger
in my set up
If you have the on board noise gate turned on (at all) it will suck tone quicker than a philipino lady boy.

Also the ns-2 is well known for its super tone sucking powers.

I have the pw-10 and currently use it only for the uni-vibe effect. I have used it as a wah and distortion pedal in the past when I hadn't much else to use.

I stopped using the on board noise gate and while it was noisey, it sounded better overall. I then got myself an ISP Decimator for noise reduction and haven't looked back. It's far superior to the boss unit.

Some of the Wah effects are very strange and tend to sound the same no matter what instrument you run through them - especially the voice and custom sounds, but overall it's a great unit, or so I've found.

If you use it for a Morley or CryBaby effect only and without the distortions or noise reduction, it's a damn good wah.

For the uni-vibe effect, it's great too. I don't know of any other pedals that have both vibe and vibe expression in the same unit, without speding ridiculous money or going the multi effects route.

But, to be fair, I actually had my doubts about the way my tone was being effected by the pedal muself until I got a decent noise reduction unit, and stopped using the on board distortions.

Is what some junkies refer to heroin as. For me it's just loads of wires and good sturdy housing, but just as addictive.
boss pedals normally suck tone pretty bad, especially the ns-2 (i own one too)

wait.. are you talking them sucking tone while turned on or in bypass?
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