So the other day I took my Framus acoustic guitar to work to play on my break, I forgot it was in my trunk, and I left it overnight, the next morning I found that the scarf joint at the neck was unglued. I glued it back up with titebond and clamped it. Now I noticed that the bridge and pickguard are also a little unglued but this could have been like that from before cause its a really old guitar. I tune it and its perfect as soon as I put my capo on any space it sounds out of tune, I take it out and its in tune. Could this be an intonation problem that could be solved with a setup or re-gluing the bridge?

Its really bothering me because it was given to me by this lady, she said it used to be her husbands and she bought it for him over 40 years ago, she gave it to me cause she didnt want it to go to waste and I screwed it up.

I'd really appreciate any comments on how I could fix it. Thanks.

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