I just can't decide between those two. And since I live in a complete hole I can't try either of them and will have to order it online.

Yamaha SA503 TVL or Gretsch Electromatic G5120?

At the same time i'm buying an amp; a Mesa Maverick 2x12" or a Vox AC50CP, I will decide when I'll get the guitar.

I play mostly; garage rock, post-punk, ambient.
i would get the mesa as the amp and the yamaha
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I own the Gretsch Electromatic and it is a great guitar, well worth the money (if not more)! Has plenty of twang but is also very warm. I also play similar genres to you (shoegaze, post-rock, bass+lead lead two handed tapping, Melvins-esque rif***e, and garage/blues rock) and the Gretsch fullfills all of my needs. I have never tried the Yamaha though nor the amps you have listed.
@IsThatdude: Ever tried that Mesa? Someone told me they sound a little "cold", true? Why would you pick it instead of the Vox?

@Mutmoo: well, you perfectly defined the style I play! I was worried about the fast picking action of the Gretsch but now I know. I'm a little worried about buying a Chinese version of a classic guitar but I've heard many good things about it, and I must say that the Sunburst is one of the most beatiful guitars that crossed my eyes...
i haven't played through the maverick, but i've played through a single rectifier, dual rectifier, and 5:50, and a vox ac30. i have heard sounds from the maverick and sounds from the ac50 classic plus, and i can say with confidence that the mesa can do everything that the vox can do and better at that, except get ridiculously bright and chimey. The mesa has a much better gain channel and the clean channel is also pretty good

Edit: also, for guitars i may choose the corsair because of the versatility it has with the coil split function
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
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