Looking for a pedal for my echoe effects to go with a peavey 6505 rig. What kind of pedal would give me more versatility in terms of these sounds? I love delay but also love reverb for my clean tones.

Itd be easy to say get both, but i dont want both, the less pedals on my board, the better for my tone. Thanks.
a very good versatile delay can be tuned to sound like a reverb, personally i'd go with delay
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Boss RV-3. Solved.
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I say delay as you can get almost a short reverb like sound if you set it right. But seriously, if you invest in good pedals that have true bypass it wont affect your tone yet give you more versatility. I like my EH #1 echo because it has a nice warm delay like analog and its real easy to use. Its true bypass and only 100 USD. Give it a test.
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TC Electronics Nova Repeater doesnt suck tone, sounds great, and can be made to sound like reverb. Ticks all your boxes right?
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Boss RV-3. Solved.

Backed. Good reverb and good delay with one pedal.
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DD-6? Idk I get a good verb sound outta it when I need to.
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I'll +1 the suggestion for the Nova Repeater.
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