hi, i don't know if this is the right category for this thread, but here goes..

i know most people want a high output humbucker if to be used for coil splitting..
what about those whose DC resistances are only around 10Kohms?.. i'm specifically referring to bridge humbuckers.. here are to name a few..

Dimarzio Breed (10.39 K, alnico V)
Dimarzio Fred (10.38 K, alnico V)
Dimarzio Liquifire (10.75 K, alnico V)
Dimarzio Bluesbucker (10.07 K, ceramic)
SD George Lynch Screamin' Demon (10 K, alnico V)

if anyone has tried using a coil split on any of them, please give me reviews on the tone you get..
i'm asking this since my stock PRS SE's bridge pickup is wound to a 10.5 K resistance.. i'm pretty much contented with the tone so i need not replace the whole pickup.. for added versatility, i'm only thinking of converting it to 4-conductor (which is also cheaper).. so would it be worth it?..
i'm also thinking the same for the stock neck pickup which is 9.5 K.. both stock humbucker pickups have alnico magnets. don't know what specific type though.

thanks to all who will reply..

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