who in ur band is mostly responsible for writing the music? in my 3 piece band, you would think itd be easier for all of us to write and collaborate, but honestly it falls on me to map out drum parts, basslines, and of course lyrics and melodies.
I don't have a band, but I write all my own stuff.
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I do all of the music and on average about half of the lyrics because the singer and I are Writing buddies.
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I do all the lyrics, rhythms, and bass lines. My guitarist does the solos.
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My keyboardist (who is a musical prodigy) and I (lead guitarist and singer) do most of the writing. However, there's one 14 minute epic we've been working on that's pretty much had input from the entire band.
My band consists of me sitting alone in my room playing random scales...
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My band consists of me sitting alone in my room playing random scales...

Me too, but I add chords in there
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My band actually collaborates really well and everyone throws in ideas. its really nice actually how well we all seem to work together
i write both guitar parts and the bass part in my bands songs.
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Well, I have written 4 songs, the other guitarist has written 3, we wrote 2 together. The drummer plays alittle bit of guitar and has written a few songs we are going to use in the future. The singer has written lyrics to 2 songs, I have written lyrics to one and so has the drummer. Pretty much the only member that hasn't contributed in some form to the writing is our bass player, but he hasn't been with us long.
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Singers write the lyrics, me and the guitarists do the riffs, drummer does the drums. It's a team effort pretty much.

Pretty much this. Singer writes the lyrics. Me and the bass player lay down the tasty licks. The drummer drops a simple 4/4 beat and we all rage at his lack of creativity.
Usually the singer and I, and I will occasionally write out the drums but the drummer usually does that.
Im in a three peice band. Me and the drummer write the music and some lyrics (even though we haven't found a singer yet) and the bassist does the bass
Me and my sax player are the only ones who come up with stuff. He'll pick a key or something then we'll jam with me trying to get a chord progression then we both try to improvise a melody. Once we get that we try to tell our drummer and bassist what to play. No lyrics though. Jazz is too cool for that ****.
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