So let's say I have two pedals in front of an amp - an overdrive and a distortion pedal. And let's say I had about 5 things in the FX loop - a rack effects processor, analog delay, analog reverb, wah, and compressor. Should I put the noise gate in front of the amp or in the FX loop, or should I just get another noise gate and put one in both? Also, where should I put the gate - before or after the pedals?

On a related question, are all of these pedals in the right places, or should some be moved out of the FX loop (or vise versa)?

Now, this is all hypothetical, but an answer to this question would be helpful for when I do get all of these pedals.
It's all preference, but most people put their wahs and compressors in front of their amp since those effects are meant to handle a guitar signal.

You should put your noisegate last in your fx loop, it'll cut all the noise from your preamp and your effects.
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Isp decimator g-string or the rackmount version.

I'm pretty sure its a double noise reducer with a gate for the guitar input and a gate for the fx loop.
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