What is the best neck pickup for me. Im looking for something to shred with as well as cleans for jazz and a good coil split sound? Im in the UK so Bareknuckle is good, as long as it is worth the money.
i should say shred is the no1 priority but something that splits nicely and does the occassional bit of jazz
Bare Knuckles Cold Sweats for a little less preamp push

Bare Knuckles Nailbombs for more preamp push

Yes, they are worth every last penny.

EDIT: Nailbombs for the shred.
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The SH-2 Jazz is a great clean humbucking pickup (one of the few good clean humbucking neck pickups in my opinion) but sounds like **** with distortion.

I would say a medium output PAF style pickup would work for you. Try the Seymour Duncan 59 or Dimarzio PAF Pro
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edit- that wont coil split
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