So I am planning to get a Squier Standard Telecaster as my first electric and I decided to give it alittle simple mod, (not electronics because I dont know anything about electrics)

so I am a big fan of pearloid pickguards so I was wondering if I could swap out the stock ones for a pearloid one from guitarfetish.com

squier; http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Standard-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510470

pickguard: http://store.guitarfetish.com/whmoofpetepi.html

will those two fit?

and also i am not a big fan of squier logo, so i'd like to leave the headstock blank for now and hopefully once i get creative enough, make my own logo and put it on the headstock, (not fender decal ) sooo how do i get the logo to come off without damaging the finish?

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They probably will fit. I've looked up Squier vs. Fender screw holes, but I've never heard any problems with it.

The logo is under the finish. You have to sand it off, and replace the decal then re-finish it, so I wouldn't recommend removing it for now.
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i want it to look like this... blank headstock, and pearloid pickguard (except without the extra pickup)