A girl asked me to play at her 16th birthday party. But I'm not sure what to play there as my electric guitar is messed up.

So I have my acoustic.

I figure some John Mayer would be good soft stuff. But I need some attention getters also. Not sure how many people. My guess is between 75-100 people.

So the question in summary is:


(side note: She LOVES Guns N' Roses.)
if she's a GNR fan, you HAVE TO play "patience"
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SCoM, 'cept an acoustic version of it.

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So play some of GnR's acoustic songs, like Patience? Dunno if I'd call that an attention getter though :P
Play some famous songs, ones that people will know and want to sing along with.
Play Happy Birthday.
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probably happy birthday... u could play some incubus stuff
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you could borrow a friends amp and guitar and go electric. But if all u have is acoustic then i agree with patience adn then theres always You Cant Put Your Arms Around a Memory...
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Play Happy Birthday.

O RLY?!?

No but seriously thanks to all that have replied.
Patience ~ SCOM (acoustic) ~ Dont Cry (acousitc) - GNR
Wonderland ~ Daughters - John Mayer
Wonderwall ~ Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Jumper - Third Eye Blind

plus what these guys are saying

edit: I second Incubus, songs like:
Drive, Stellar,I Wish You Were Here

Also, With Me - Sum 41 and some Blink fo sho
Your mother likes it ruff, Trebeck.
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Depends. Is she hot?

win? I think so.
Your mother likes it ruff, Trebeck.
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Depends. Is she hot?

Shes cute. Not hot. But that kinda pretty where it makes up for her not being the hottest chick on the planet.
Wonderwall - Oasis
SCoM / Paradise City / Knocking on Heaven's Door - GnR(improvise the solo where you can't reach the notes)

Does she like Nickelback and 3 Doors Down? Try some of their songs.

Maybe something like Muse?
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I'm assuming that you're going to sing, right? Otherwise nobody is really going to appreciate or even care what song you play for them.
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I'm assuming that you're going to sing, right? Otherwise nobody is really going to appreciate or even care what song you play for them.

Yes, I am singing haha.
x2 on the wish you were here.

ideally, you'd want to sing a song that everyone knows. that way most people will join in which will mask your voice if you aren't that good a singer.

if you ARE a good singer. sing a song nobody knows so that all the attention is on you.
I played Gay bar by electric six at My Friends B-Day and it went over great. Although it was taken as a comedy act and not a song so...I would try something sappy and main stream to grab attention.
Aum Mani Padme Hum-Avalokiteshvara
(Om jewel in the lotus Hum)
- "Sweet home Alabama" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
- "Won't forget these days" - Fury in the Slaughterhouse (it's a quite popular band in Germany but I don't know if they are known whereever you live, however, the song is quite emotional on birthdays)
- some Beatles stuff because everyone knows it

And of cause (already said) "I'm Yours" and "Wonderwall"
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This is the number one song that needs to played at every birthday party where there's a guitar. Really.

But if you can manage to do it on Acoustic...how bout Sweet Child O Mine if she loves GNR?
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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