Im teaching my self at the moment i took lessons for like 2 months until i stoped because i needed the money i can play sweet child of mine besides the solo and a few other songs i think are fairly easy except for the solos(fingers arnt fast enough)

but is there somone that knows a great way to practice or a certain routine that will help progress alot if done everyday
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get lesson books and just practice that stuff like 30 minutes every day. it helps your fingering quite well. Even if you dont really play that stuff, its good to know if you wanna pull a chord out of your ass, or know what sounds good where.
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Start learning all the notes on the fretboard slowly, like 20 minutes everyday just pick random notes and name them look for patterns/octaves in the notes. You'll be dumbfounded for a while but in the long run you will thank yourself for sticking with it.
Amazing dedication from some of the people in those linked threads.

Although I don't see why you'd bother practicing that much, when you can dedicate all that time to getting good at Guitar Hero and really impressing girls.
If you haven't already done so...

- Learn alternate and economy picking, practice both techniques to a metronome start slow and clean.
- Work on your improvisation, specifically your phrasing, vibrato, bend intonation and dynamics. Listening to a lot of blues will help no matter what style you play (‘Cause it all comes from the blues)
- Work on you rhythm guitar, Beatles song are good for basic chord and strumming patterns, AC/DC songs are great for getting your rock and roll chops down
During holidays I practise:
- Warm-up
- Ear training
- Repertoire (songs, licks)
- Technique (vibrato, bends, alternate picking, harmonics, pinch harmonics, legato,...)
- Scales
- Chords
- Writing
- Improvisation

I chose the amount of time I think is needed. For example, I dedicate 45 minutes on scales, 1 or 2 hours on alternate picking (because I like the sound), 30 minutes on tapping, and 30 minutes on another technique I think needs practise. I usually play an hour acoustic guitar.

I like to mix up the order of the subjects to keep it interesting. For example, yesterday I started with scales, today I start with ear training. That way it doesn't becomes some sort of duty for me.

You have to chose for yourself what you want to play. If you want to play a solo by Slash, you sure have to practise your bends and vibrato.