Hey guys, I have a Mesa Triple Rec. with a Marshall 1960a cabinet. I'm thinking about getting another cabinet and I'm not sure which one I should go with. A mesa boogie standard rec cab or a vader cab. I've heard alot about both. Mesa has had their name for a long time and have been trusted, but I have heard good things about Vader. I'm looking toward a brutal metal tone (killswitch engage, as I lay dying etc.).
Prob gonna be hard to find someone who has owned both or for you to get to try a vader. I have been debating the same thing but I am also looking at mills acoustics cabs. They look pretty solid.
All three of the aforementioned cabs are great. Necrophagist uses Vaders, Lamb of God uses Mesas, Mastodon uses Mills... You got big name guys playing each of them. Vaders will be indestructible though, while Mills will probably sound the richest and deepest, and Mesa will be a good all around cab.
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depends on your cash right.. Cause vaders are a little over half the price of a Mesa Oversized.
Trust I was in the same postion as you until i craigs listed my cab.

Both are going to give you an incredible low end. I personally am a fan of both.
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