So I was at the pawn shop the other day just browsing guitars that I am thinking of buying to work on and mod. So I come across this Ibanez guitar and it was like one that I have never seen. I dont have any pictures, I really shouldve taken some but I didnt really have the chance (no camera). So I will describe it. The finish Kinda was this kind of burst thing where it was Purple in the middle then went into this nice cream color. The neck was the same creamy white color and the headstock was the same as the body. The guitar had a Floyd Rose, it did not look like a actual Floyd but I could be wrong. I believe it had two volume knobs and one tone but it might have just had one volume. The pickups were these EMG looking things, but they said Ibanez on them like the ones in this picture.

It had black hardware and 24 frets. Shape was like a super strat but not as pointy. It was more rounded out like a strat. So if you could help with what model guitar this was that would be great. It was selling for $225 by the way but since it was a Pawn shop, it could be worth more.
I think you just described it

If it was a true ibby then it looks like a good one to me.
Without real pics and a serial number or something it is kinda hard.
Maybe find out who took the pic of the 2 that they had
Ask in Electric Guitar if you have not already

*me wants*
The pickups are likely Ibanez V7 and V8 pups (aren;t active, and they suck (I have them))

Not sure about much else
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Sounds like the Herman Li signature one to me???

I am not too fond of herman li but they look pretty sweet
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