While listening is an art, silence is a masterpiece.

With nothing to gain but apathy, i plunge into the dark sea
Terrified of what lies beneath, plummeting is only gratified by complacency.
I hear the screams of your ghost through the wall,
I cannot speak.
I cannot hear.
I cannot see.
I cannot be.

Leave your coat at the door,
And pick up your gift bag at the funeral.
For this dance of lies has become ritual.

As i burn into nothing, you sink into an asphyxiation so comforting
That only a feeble man could turn into a bed fit for a king.

Reacting violently in water, this soul has become sodium.
Pure pandamonium, with a lonely man staning at the podium.
Waiting for life.
Waiting for the answer that only a desperate man could ask.
I have yet to convince this secret monster to take off his mask.

So now i wait.
Patiently, but not sympathetically.
I ask these questions not for myself,
But just rhetorically.

While listening is an art, silence is a masterpiece.
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I thought it was great! It's got this weird Misfits/Tool vibe. It's weird, but it works. Really the only thing I would change is too add more description to it. It doesn't seem too clear what it's actually about.
Thank you for the feedback. The reason it is so vague is because if I elaborated, then people would know faaaaar too much about me. So I leave it up to interpretation with metaphors. I have never been able to write any other way!
I thought it was great! The only thing I felt didn't quite jive was the "sodium - pandemonium - podium" part.