I'm looking for a guitar that would do blues and jazz very well. Specifically, a seven string, hollow body guitar. I'd prefer two humbuckers in it, but anything will do. I'm used to playing with Super Jumbo frets, but again, i'll settle for anything. Needs to be able to set up to play for slide, in an open tuning. My budget is low, and everything i have found has been really expensive, i'm looking for something that something that sounds good, and is less than a $1000, USD. Thank you.
as amazing as that Tele is, it's not quite what i asked for... though now i want to try one... to bad no guitar shop around would have one... what do they feel like?
7 String hollowbodies certainly do exist, and they sound beautiful.. but only certain makers will actually build them and even then the price is rediculous. You're far better off with just a 6 string, trust me.
You'll probably have to go custom for that 7 string hollowbody, or at least boutique which will cost as much, there isn't as high demand for 7 string hollowbodys like.

If you can't afford that high price then you'll have to make do with seven string solid body, or 6 string hollow.