I know this forum is about promoting your band. But I need help putting a band together. I feel kinda crazy, but music is my everything. So if someone could help me or give me some direction on how to get band members I would appericat it.
1. put up ads anywhere a musician would see them. (studios, music stores, etc.)
2. go out and meet other musicians at open mic events and small local concerts.
3. ask all your friends, chances are one of them is also looking for a band or at least know someone else who is
I'm getting the sense that it would be your first band since you don't know how to find other musicians.. the above suggestions are great (music stores are good).. i would actually suggest not going and putting up ads outside of local venues because you need people your own experience level. if you're in school, that would be an ok place for it. even if it's a small school, there will be some interested folks.

how old are you though? if you're old enough to be driving and what not.. craigslist is actually not a bad resource. i only say 'if you're driving' because a lot of those people aren't going to be down the street or within 5-10 miles. i actually found 2 of the members from my first band via craigslist. other than that.. maybe google search for your city + music scene or something like that.