Now when i was once again continuing my 1 year+ search for a bass amp after running into some money to spend on an amp, I came across this Peavey: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Peavey-Tour-TNT-115-Bass-Combo-Amp-582110-i1445925.gc

It says its 600 watts. Is this really 600 or one of those "its only 300 but if you do whatever it'll be 600" deals? Should I wait for this seemly monster of a deal to buy my amp? At first I was only willing to spend 500 USD but when I saw this I figured if its the real deal I can afford to up the dollar amount a bit if I'm not going to have to worry about buying another amp for a very very long time.
Look online for it's manual, somewhere toward the end it should say if the 600 is RMS or not.
Well I don't think it's actually been released yet and i've been searching for the manual to check just that and have came up empty handed.

Is it a deal I should postpone most of my amp searching to wait to jump all over when it comes out though?
It says 600 watt maximum and it has a speaker out. So I think it's safe to assume that you'd be getting 300-400watts with just the combo and 600 with the extra cabinet.

This isn't for sure of course but from the clues that's what i think.
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You won't want 600W from a single 15. It's better set up this way.
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Would it still be a good deal even if it was like the 300-400 watts that Revelation said it sounds like?
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You won't want 600W from a single 15. It's better set up this way.

What I was thinking, it's not a Markbass so it probably wouldn't sound good.