**** no.

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I'll pass, thanks...

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well it has at least an attempt at an upper horn so it shouldn't balance any worse than a thunderbird. If you scale it up so that the body doesn't look stupidly small for the neck it should work with some degree of success.
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I'm getting a slight feeling that this guy might be trying to advertise for some band....don't know where i got that idea from though.
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That's one ugly guitar.
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no. This is the only good Guitar/bass body style i've seen.

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Looks cool, but it may be a bit iffy, as with most basses that come from guitar shapes.
maybe if you kept the horns but made the bottom a more traditional shape
Yay fibonacci!
Any bass is a good idea if it's built right and not guitar specs transferred to bass.
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no gtfo
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.
If they kept the same cool colours I would definitely get one.

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You got me excited because i thought you were saying they made one... jerk

It'd look cool.
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It'd work. Whatever neck dive issues it'd have would be offset by people resting their wrists on the... spike thing. Especially if the strap button was placed half-way up it.
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