So im trying to learn country boy can survive by hank jr. My problem is there several different ways to strum the song i guess and i cant pick up any! I really want to keep learning the guitar but im stuck to where i just want to give up and put the guitar away because this damn strumming part is so confusing. I got the intro down and evreything its really easy. I know a few other strumming patterns and can play some other simple songs, but ive plateau'd and cant learn anything else! I beg for your help!

The way i want to learn is uses:
-drop D
-D:am7:F (in a D formation)
-uses this strumming pattern: (D) Down, Down, Down, Up (Am7) Up, down, down, down, up (F) Down, Down, Down, up

Heres the link to how i want to play it: http://guitarharrisy.blogspot.com/2008/06/hank-williams-jrs-country-boy-can.html

I cant seem to transcode the above strumming pattern, and its different than other peoples. Its super confusing! so ive tried youtube and google and ended up watching this guys video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6omk1eFIrM&feature=related)

The problem is he fly's through the most important part of strumming and all i picked up was:

-D: d du d du

AM: u u du d du???


Im not even sure if thats right, he speeds right thru it at 2:08. I really dont care which pattern to use. Can someone further explain this guys strum pattern and jot it down for me? im so lost, i noticed he also posted to use :d du d du u du d but does that apply to all the chords! UGH!!!!
IMO if you try to learn it strum-for-strum and note for note you'll drive yourself nuts. I never learn strum patterns, I just do it to the rhythm the way I feel it should be played (by me). yea it might not sound exactly like the song but you'll put your own personal spin on it.

so learn the chords, and go to town.
this is a post. there are many like it but this one is mine


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Break it down slowly and go from there, I agree with Mlfarrel. On a sidenote I saw HW Jr. Live even though I hate country music...
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the way I was it taught it was D,am7,G and if I remember the strum pattern it was (D)dd(am7)dudu(G)dd(D)dududd that could be totally wrong but give it a try
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