Ok first of all I will state what I want.

I want to focus more on quality of sound of the fx system. Ie more real amp than digital. So more of a focus on the amp modelling than the FX?

But Im on a real tight budget.


I have a new laptop, so thats the puter done.

I have a telecaster which Im about to route for a humbucker, will chuck in a high output HB which I will split if I ever want SC in the bridge (not really my thing). Mostly play metal and hendrix/classic rock.

I am going to buy some behringer ms40s as they are cheap where I am ($250AU).

I am looking at a Vox tonelab St for $400AU

Will use Audacity because thats all Im familiar with.

I have a cheap pair of senn headies but in 6 months will probably buy a pair of HD280.

I want to be able to play without the lappy being on, hence the powered monitors. I also want to be able to monitor while I record to my lappy.
So will rung the tonelab straight to the monitors and USB to the lappy.

Are these solid choices based on my very low budget?
That looks good. You won't be able to tweak the sound after you record, but I think you're fine with that. Those MS40's are pretty low-range, but perfect for what you need. Just remember you won't be able to "mix" with audacity, so no pro-quality tracks - you'll get out exactly what you put in.
im totally new to it all as you can tell.

so should i try something new outside audacity?

my main thing is more to be able to play as i dont have ability to play real loud (and cant afford a great amp anyway). but also to record so i can judge myself. and then maybe apply some production if i ever felt the need. but doubt it.

thanks heaps