I know that I have the ability to write some songs, but I feel like I have writers block. I think its more like I dont know where to begin writing. People say come up with a melody...and either idk what that means, or thats where my block is kicking in. I just cant think of anything.

Any help in getting the instrumental writing off the ground would be awesome, this has been a problem for a while now.
Well set an hour exercise for your self that contains, either riff making or melody making or both, you may not get anything at first, but if you work on something each day you'll get something eventually.
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"My guitar is always in tune because all the tuning heads face the same way."

Personally, I always start with a chord progression and write a melody from there
My advice though, is do what works for you and don't do something someone tells you to do just because they tell you to do it.
It's a lot easier when you develop your own routine for song writing
Its not so much that I dont have a way of writing. Its that I cant get myself to begin writing a song because I have no idea where to start.
Im there. I seem to always play the same thing over and over, but i think its just lack of practice. I havent learned a new song in a while because of work and such.
Try to limit yourself (sounds strange, but it's true). You can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that a guitar can give

First off decide if you want to start off in major or minor (and pick the one you don't usually go for), pick a key (one you don't usually go for) and look up the relevant chords for it.

Pick 3 or 4 of the chords,

Then pick 3 notes out of the relevant scale and come up with some kind of melody or 'tune'

I usually follow that process through a couple of times and find it helps