Title kindv explains it all. Whenever I sit down to write something everything I come up with is kind of depressing. Its not the kind of depressing that is just plain depressing, its kind of an uplifting depressing sound. Hard to explain but Im sure u guys probly know what I mean.

Anyways, does anyone have any ideas on how to get my mind to more upbeat writing?
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try reading some uplifting poetry, or lyrics of happy-go-lucky songs. It might give you inspiration...just be sure not to rip off whatever it is you choose to read. Also, it might not make since with the genre of music you play. If you tend to write songs that sound depressing, the lyrics would naturally follow that mood. Maybe try writing a song that is happy from the ground up?
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listen to more happy music. like death and cannibal corpse.


What's wrong with depressing music? It's best to stick with what comes out naturally so your music doesn't sound forced. Nine Inch Nails and Portishead have made their living on depressing music

But if you're in some synth-pop indie band or something and really can't afford to wear black 24/7 I'd listen first to loads of upbeat music (ie stuff you wouldn't be caught dead listening to) and play guitar in a really light-hearted, non-serious way. THEN start writing and see how far that gets you.
Listen to the beatles.
listen to always look on the bright side of life

try using the major and major pentatonic. Write about a happy time in your life as opposed to when that adulterous ***** tore your bleeding heart out......etc.

Though a lot of it is in the eye of the beholder - I think Harvest by Neil Young is quite upbeat, my mates used to call it 'music to slit your wrists by'....
Uplifting depressing is good!

But generally there are two things to think about

- the harmony (i.e major- happy, minor sad) what chords you are using
- And the style - for example, you can make a minor key song sound happyish if it is fast, syncopated and upbeat.... similarly if you play a major key song slowly with expressive voclas and sad words it can be sad. So look at your instrumentations and rhyth as well.
I think that mood probably is subjective to an extent. Leonard Cohen has a reputation for being pretty morbid, yet he almost always uses a major tonality and key and I find his songs quite jolly.

The song that makes me the most depressed to listen to is 'Celestial' by Steve Kilbey.
I think its partly I need to use some dif bass notes.

Like, i tend to use ones like

0 4 5 variations

0 2 4 5 variations

--5 7 3------ Variations(though this one isnt to downbeat, it can be)

0---------------- Variations

I use these too much

This would be hard to explain to most people but Im sure u guys kinda get what I mean.

Heres a very simple description of something i may play

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