found one of these going quite cheap... im after a decent beginner bass so this seems a good option. the reviews ive read have been nice to it.

did a search but found nothing, perhaps i fail at searching... regardless...

does anyone have an opinion on this? cheers
thanks. hopefully i go check it out tonight (not that that means much at my level ) n take it from there
so went n bought it

$225AUD for it... in good condition. the guy who had it was a genuine muso, and had a nice set up (from what i can gather :P ) so i think ive found a good bass

time to find a simarly cheap amp... or justplay... and get some books to learn with
Get a practice amp. There relatively cheap.

Early on, your prob gonna suck anyway so why blow money on something big and expensive. A big amp thats real loud is just going to amplify suckyness at farther distances.

I'd say go around 30 watts personally :P, oh and make sure no matter what amp your buying to start off that it has a headphone jack, 'case your gonna suck something bad (<--that came out wrong). But I say 30 watts because if it's a good amplifier it'll last you awhile, and 30 watts is enough to play some songs for people not as a gig or anything but, if you want to try and impress someone or whatever shens your up to, it'll do fine, and it's also small enough to not as a the prev. post said amplify your suckyness at a too far distance lol :P. Anyways, good luck with whatever you decided.
Arcane Echo

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i got paid today so i think ill head down on the weekend look at some... i played it through this guys set up (i cant remember exactly what he had...) and it sounded good hahaha. then he played through it haha.

ill take that advice on a practice/30 watt amp. its what i was aiming for

one last thing... as ill struggle to pay for lessons currently... what are some good books to learn with? i have a few mates who play bass, so i can get them to check my technique... just so i can learn basics/theory and take it from there!