Hi everyone,

I have been using Laney LV300 amp for about a year. It is a hybrid amplifier, tube driven preamp with a 120 watt output stage, only on the drive channel (solid state on clean channel). I like the amp so far. Pretty much, I play metallica. Over the time, I realized that I want to get different tones. What kind of F/X pedals would you recommend to improve the tone, get different distortion tones out of this amp? However, I only want to connect these pedals in the loop with the drive channel (not the clean channel), so that I don't lose the tube driven preamp stage present in the amp.

Thanks in advance!
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EQ could slightly make the tone better, maybe even a boost of some sort.

How can I increase the gain? I think an EQ won't do it by itself. Should I use a distortion, overdrive pedal or something else? Also, can you recommend an analog EQ with memory functionality, so that I can use different settings on stage?
I use an LPB-1 with mine, but it's got to go in front of the amp, not in the effects loop. And for heavy tones I'd suggest something else - the LPB-1 is too dark for that stuff. An EQ would be good too, to get rid of some of the fizz.
And an overdrive should work well too.
I have the LV200 which also has a tube in the pre section, I find the amp has a very nice clean channel, I dont use the two overdrive channels. I run a damage control solid metal into the clean channel and get some very useable tones.

Very solid and reliable amp, if you like the drive sections on the amp then maybe get a tubescreamer or something similar.
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Thanks for replies guys! I like the drive channels on the amp, so probably I will use a tubescreamer.