Anyone interested in any trades?

Things im gassin for: JVM or any other high gain amps similar, ESP hardtail guitars/LPs, hardtail ibanezs. Any cool stuff really. Cash can go either way, i've got about £600 in the intrepid, the customs charge was £100 alone...

Sorry for the poor pic, its a lot brighter finish and my phone sucks for pics. Just testing the water here, drop me a pm.
Right im taking cash or an old marshall in trade. Make me an offer.
Like brand new in box. Not one single mark anywhere literally played it for about two hours.
You sonofabitch...wish I could afford this.

Surprised this piece of amazingly sexy wood isnt gone yet!

Good luck sellin mate
If the Agile is still on I'm interested. Been looking for one for a long time now.