can anyone tell me if the Epiphone Sheraton is a good quality guitar? and if it is worth the money? as i would just like to know what other people thought about it.
I've had an epi SG, sold it almost right after i bought it, I didn't like the feel of the neck and the pick-up's were crap to. so I would go for the sheraton. But you just need to ask yourself if you want to play more rock/hard rock=SG or more blues/bluesrock+sheraton
my '98 sheraton is fantastic. but epiphone's quality has dropped considerably since then (though they are still not bad guitars) so i can't really tell you what a new one would be like.
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well i do really like to play rock song and thats what made me want the sg but i wasn't too sure about the sheraton but i guess it would be better if i went for the sg but thanks for the help.
Kind of depends on what you want to play. Anything from jazz to blues to 80's rock you should be fine. Getting into stuff like metallica and the like would probably be pushing it for a semi-hollow.

That being said, paul gilbert has used semi hollows for shredding (look up his jam session with friedman).
You seem to be in a lot of pop punk judging by your profile? Then I think the SG might suit you better.
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