I hope you guys can help me out:

My setup is a pod X3 live and a Hughes and Kettner stalemate head + cab. (it has an effects loop)

I like my sound most when I play pure on the amp, without the pod. And what I want to do with my pod is to use it just for the stomp, delay, mod and Wah effects. But I don't know how to manage it. I know about the 4-cable method, but it's still a mystery for me on using it.

Can anyone help me out to get that fantastic tone created by my Amp and the pod connected just for effects?

thank you
..why not just switch off the amp/cab modelling?
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+1 to both posts. turn off amp/cab modeling so that it doesn't color your amp's tone, then use the four cable method so that you can have wah and stomp in the front of the amp hwile the delay and mod go in the FX loop

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yeah, so I tried the 4 cable method, but how should i configure my POD X3 (loop and such) I tried it now, and stomp and Wah is working, but delay and Mod aren't. I tried to change the loop settings, but i've got no idea to let it work,
I do have 2 options at the FX loop of my amplifier: -10db and serial and parallel, dunno if that is important or not.
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use the serial fx loop and dont drop the volume...
it should work findé
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naah, it doesn't, I can't use the EQ and the master volume of my amp, which is not cool. I can use my reverb though