I've been playing my Squire Affinity Strat and Frontman 15G for a year and half now. It was time for an upgrade

Ibanez RG350MYE and Peavey Vypyr 75 w/Sanperra II. W00T!!

The RG feels and sounds amazing. It's my first experience with humbuckers, and I love 'em. And, the Vypyr kicks ass. Sweet sounds from this thing. And it is LOUD!!! I'm having WAAAAAYYYY to much fun with these!!!


I've always love RG's. Not crazy about the yellow but hey it's about sound right?
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HNGD!! I have the same amp :P
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How does the amp sound? I've been wanting to try one, but the bastard stores never have it in stock.
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How much was the Sanpera, is it any good?
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Happy NGD. I got the 100W amp, but without the pedal. I'm kicking myself so hard now because it really comes in handy.
nice axe-you must be playing it loads, `cos you aint tidied your desk
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HNGD! Yellow RGs are awesome!
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Nice set-up. Despite the Vypyr lovers on this site I hear a lot of hate from some more experienced musicians.

I love them, especially since they're abnormally cheap and have a killer footswitch. The guitar is pretty good also, one day you're probably going to want to get a pickup change though.

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Only time Ive seen a true single coil in a chrome humbucker housing was chinese knock off where they claimed it was a humbucker but half the housing was empty.
I really want that RG. It is $1000 at a shop near me and it just looks so good. Black hardware on yellow + maple. HNGD
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Black hardware+ Yellow= Very Niiiiiiiice~
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Well hello there sunshine!!

Squier Affinity/ Frontman 15

to a

RG350/Vypyr 75 w/footswitch.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to say nice upgrade man. I just picked up a 15 watt vypyr this weekend and it's loads of fun. I know the higher models have more features, but the 15 watter has a good amount of features for being a practice amp.

I thought this was a yellow 550 at first.

Happy new guitar and amp day. Have fun
Thanks everyone

The amp really sounds awesome. It's incredible the amount of different tones you can get out of it. The pedal was $200. And, it really opens up the amps features. It has a really nice WAH effect. I like it in manual mode because you can individually turn the stompbox, effects, delay and/or reverb on/off at will without having to tweek any knobs. So switching from a clean to distortion is easy.

I think I played for almost 5 straight hours the first night. My wife fears she has lost me to another guitar
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I've been looking at this guitar for a while, I love the yellow finish. Can't wait to try one out
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I didn't know they made those RG's in yellow. Very nice looking, I must say!
Happy NGD, enjoy it!
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